ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants)

    With globalisation playing such an important part in facilitating India’s growth, the number of big-name enterprises and multinational corporations (MNCs) in our country is rapidly increasing. International corporations are increasingly turning to India to acquire professionals, particularly in the accounting area, as a result of the country’s general growth. As a result of the high demand, some students have chosen to enrol in a specialised ACCA course in order to establish a solid and prosperous profession.

    The ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) is a multinational organisation that certifies financial professionals in accountancy.

    ACCA Job Opportunities in India:

    1. Financial Accountant :

    Financial accountants have a wide range of responsibilities. It entails keeping track of, categorising, and managing all transactions, such as taxes, payroll, and spending. They use cash flow data and balance sheets to assess a company’s financial situation.


    2. Financial Analyst

    Financial analysts examine current and historical trends in order to create more effective financial plans for the future. To construct better financial models for investors, you’ll need to analyse financial statements.

    You will also be responsible for evaluating the performance of stocks and investments.


    3. Finance Controller 

    The ACCA certification might help you advance to the position of financial controller in a corporation as a senior executive. You will be in charge of the accounting department, which will include overseeing financial records and ensuring legal compliance.

    You’ll be in charge of maintaining accurate company records in a timely manner.


    4. Management Consultant 

    You will be responsible for assisting clients on planning, budgeting, reporting, and other important documentation as a management consultant.

    The list of responsibilities will also include auditing current financial procedures and recommending a realistic action plan.


    5. Tax Specialist 

    A tax specialist’s job comprises counselling clients on both domestic and international tax systems. Companies or firms can hire you to assist them in meeting their tax obligations.

    It also entails conducting tax audits and understanding various tax regulations in order to meet the needs of your clients.


    ACCA Salary in India:

    Because both professional qualifications come from the same field, ACCA and CA are frequently compared. The same may be seen in their salaries, which are in the same ballpark.

    In India, for example, ACCA experts earn between 3.5 and 20 LPA.

    Salary is also influenced by your talents, previous work experience, additional qualifications, and the type of firm you work for.


    Best Companies in India Hiring ACCA:

    You can find a well-paid and respected employment with Deloitte, Ernst & Young (EY), Grant Thornton, Pepsico, Accenture, Shalimar Paints, HSBS, Embassy Group, and other well-known firms once you have obtained your ACCA certifications.

    However, if you decide to stay in India, there will be many of opportunities for you, as an ACCA qualification would bring you multiple well-paying job offers!

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