CA Foundation Exam Preparation to Subject-Wise Strategy:

    After clearing their 12th examinations, the majority of commerce students choose to pursue a Chartered Accountancy course. CA is one of India’s most well-known courses, with enticing packages that make it the top choice among students. Students who desire to take this course are often perplexed, apprehensive, and afraid of it. They are afraid of the idea that chartered accounting courses are extremely difficult to pass. To make your idea a reality, you’ll need to put in a lot of effort, drive, and focus.

    After completing the CA foundation exam application, you will begin your journey. If they take the appropriate approach, anyone can pass the CA foundation tests with flying colours. If you want to pass the CA foundation tests with 100% confidence, you must adhere to the guidelines listed below. These suggestions can help you stay on track with your studies, resulting in good grades. The CA Foundation course will help you develop your finance and accounting skills.


    CA Foundation Preparation Plan Subject Wise: 


    Paper 1: Principles and Practices of Accounting 

    CA Foundation accounts are what they’re called. This is a one-of-a-kind document with a total of 100 points. Commerce students are quite familiar with the subjects because they cover a large chunk of accounting in 11th and 12th grade. Accounting is one of the most popular disciplines among students because it allows them to earn full marks. You must practise this subject on a daily basis in order to achieve high grades. You may ace this subject by solving mock exam papers, past year question papers, and sample papers.

    Paper 2: Business Laws, and Business Correspondence and Reporting

    Business law and Business Correspondence and Reporting are the two elements of this subjective paper.

    Let’s start with the business legal preparation strategy.

    Students in the 12th grade are unfamiliar with this subject. The major goal of include these subjects in the CA foundation course is to help students comprehend the fundamentals of our country’s general laws. If you want to work as a CA in India, you should start learning the laws from the ground up.

    This is a theory subject with a weighted average of 60 points. You should practise your presentation skills while studying for this subject. Because this is a theory subject, it must be revised on a regular basis. You should include some essential keywords when giving the answers to boost your chances of getting good grades.

    Let’s talk about the Business Correspondence and Reporting preparation strategy now.

    “General English” is another name for this topic. The necessity for effective communication skills in the Chartered Accountancy course has lately increased, hence the ICAI added this subject to the updated syllabus. This course covers the fundamentals of English that you have learned in school.

    This section carries a 40-point weighting. If you come from an English-speaking background, this can be the icing on the cake.

    Paper 3: Business Mathematics, Logical Reasoning, Business Statistics

    This is an objective type paper divided into three sections.

    • Business Mathematics (40)
    • Logical Reasoning (20)
    • Statistics (40)

    This is one of the most popular subjects among students because they can get a perfect grade on this assignment. Business mathematics is worth 40 points and covers the majority of the 11th and 12th grade math curriculum. Students who have taken math may find it simple because they are familiar with the ideas, whereas non-math students may find it difficult. This is an objective-type paper that should be practised on a daily basis. On the ICAI’s official website, you can obtain the study materials. To improve your practise, you can solve one paper per day.

    This component is simple to score because it includes all of the topics we covered up to 10th grade. The more you practise this subject, the better you’ll become at solving issues.

    Statistics also includes your general arithmetic knowledge from kindergarten to tenth grade. Your answers may have been incorrect at the time, but you can easily solve these questions with the use of a calculator on the CA Foundation exam.

    Paper 4: Business Economics and Business and Commercial Knowledge

    This is an objective type paper divided into 2 sections.

    1) Business Economics (60)

    2) Business and Commercial Knowledge (40)

    Business economics has a 60-point weighting. Commerce students will find this subject to be quite simple, as they have already studied it in 11th and 12th grade. It will become second nature to you to earn good grades in this subject. You can also use the ICAI’s official website to practise with their modules and practise papers.

    Business and Commercial Knowledge has a 40-point weighting. The ICAI recently developed this course with the goal of providing a basic grasp of the business.


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